Coming Projects 2020 – 2021

Planting More Trees and Bushes

Building a Fence Entryway

Storage area off the Darmha hall

Sanctuary Area

Temple Gate - Being Worked On!

In Late 2019, we started work on a formal Vietnamese gate.

Update: In early 2020, shortly before the Virus occurred we started work on the gate position and putting it in.

Bathroom Addition to the Temple Grounds

WE have been blessed  with someone donating to have an addition created for bathrooms. Finished and Finished Summer 2019.

Monks Hermitage Building

Currently we are working building an Monks Hermitage building for another Monk. Our hope is to have it completed in Summer of 2019.

Entryway Fence to Temple

Currently we are working towards putting up this entryway fence to the temple, starting the process in 2018 and hopefully being completed before the end of the year.

Dedication of Dharma hall Budha's

On the Day of Vu Lan in the summer of 2018, we dedicated 5 Budha’s. See more Pics – Click here

Expansion of kitchen

Expansion of the kitchen to providing a pantry for the storage of food and other items. This was completed in summer of 2018.

Dedication of New Dharma Hall

Something about the Dedication of the New Dharma Hall. We need some information, other than it was built and dedicated date?

Bell Tower Dedication

On December 11 2011 The new Bell Tower was formally dedicated as part of our Rohatsu Celebration.

Please follow these links to video and photo gallery of the event put together in an impressively timely fashion by our very own professional photographer Eric Reed:


Quan Am Statue Dedication

June 13th, 2010 – A huge day for DZC: Opening the eyes of the Quan Am statue from Vietnam. Our deepest thanks to all who made this possible and who joined with us to celebrate!

Na Mo Quan Te Am Botat!

The event highlighted many of the individuals, including the procession of the Masters and Clerics, the opening ceremony for the Buddha’s Birthday in the Dharma Hall, the beautiful alter arrangements and the statue dedication ceremony.