Audio files of dharma talks

Here you will find a sampling of our archive of dharma talks that have been preserved as audio files. they have been converted to video with opening and closing slides for ease of use, and we are in the process of uploading the entire archive to our YouTube channel.

Keywords: Heart Sutra, Buddha, beads, boredom, karma, doubt, chanting

Keywords: movies, television, Kung Fu, practice, sitting, lists, tips, problems, suffering

Keywords: Hindu, Mara, karma, meditation, chanting, precepts, Buddhadharma, citta,
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Keywords: Buddha, statues, bowl, monks, rules, relics, Bodhidharma, Zen, shrines, grandmas

Keywords: work, goals, desires, obstacles, reflection, Hungry Ghosts, understanding, wisdom

Keywords: divorce, conflict, suffering, healing, relationships

Keywords: Hakuin, poems, painter, life, learning, fairness

Keywords: koans, impermanence, delusion, mind, confusion, concentration

Thien An, practice, teachers, primal buddhism, kesa, ego, titles, instruction, An Cu,
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Keywords: Dogen, delusion, balance, focus, attention

Keywords: meditation, practice, monkey mind, expectations, obstacles, challenges

Keywords: Buddha, habits, stress, recovery, control, ego