General Buddha Books

  1. The Long Discourses of the Buddha Translating by Maurice Walshe | Amazon | BN
  2. The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha Translated by Bhikkhus Nanamoli and Bodhi | Amazon | BN | Ebay |
  3. What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula | Amazon | BN
  4. Old Path, White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh | Thiftbooks | Amazon | BN

Zen Buddhism

  1. Zen Philosophy, Zen Practice by Thich Thien An | Amazon
  2. The Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch by Hui-Neng (author) / Philip Yampolsky (Translator) | Amazon 
  3. The Essential Dogen: Writings of the Great Zen Master by Kazuaki Tanahashi (Editor), Peter Levitt (Editor) | Amazon